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Seasonal Slip Rentals

Quick Details

End Slip Single • Closest to gate • 12’W x 24’ Long
Single Slip 12’W x 24’L • with two 4’ wide access fingers
Double Slip Shared • 24’W x 24’L
Specialty Slip #1 Single • 16’W x 24’L
Specialty Slip #2 Single • 12’W x 32’L
Specialty Slip #3 Single • 14’W x 32’L



  • End Slips: Closest to gate with one 4’ wide access finger.
  • Single Slips: 12’W x 24’ Long
  • Single Slips: 12’W x 24’ Long (with two 4’ wide access fingers)
  • Double Slips: Shared – 24’W x 24’L (with 4’ wide access fingers)
  • Specialty Slips:
    Single 16’W x 24’L
    Single 12’W x 32’L
    Single 14’W x 32’L


  • All slip fingers are a minimum 4’ wide and 24’ or longer.
  • Double slips are 4’ wider than last year.
  • New substantially reinforced dock cleats.
  • Slips are reinforced for improved safety, strength and stability.


Please refer to our lease agreement and marina rules.
All annual moorage is available on a first requested first fulfilled basis per our agreement with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation and the Pine River Irrigation District.